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Workshops & Offerings

A Vibrational Approach to Feeling Your Best Self

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The practice of CD is all about truly finding yourself.  Releasing the masks, letting go of the past, and reconnecting with your authentic self.  A fusion of chakra energy, spontaneous movement to resonant music, guided visualization and mandala art, CD frees you to allow the discovery of your sunshine so you can start living the life you are meant to live!

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Engage the mind and emotions “with purpose”!
Dance barefoot to soul-stirring music, NIA is a fusion of easy-to-follow moves that not only improve strength, flexibility, mobility, and stability but also provide nourishment to the body, mind, and soul.

Dark Ocean

New Moon Wishes

The new moon is a wonderful marker that comes in like clockwork to remind us that it’s time to get back into alignment with our desires and intentions.  Join us for this very powerful monthly practice.

Full Moon

Full Moon Ceremony

The full moon is a powerful time for inner work.  Shifting and shedding the past is an important part of maintaining your higher vibe.  Please join is for our full moon gathering and to also connect with ‘cosmic extras’ sprinkled within and throughout our ceremony.


No available programs
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